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6th Grade Math


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I hope you find my website helpful with math resources and extra links I will be posting. This is just another tool that teachers at Piedmont Intermediate are offering to help the students and parents of our great school!

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Fun, educational math games/activities:

Assorted math games (may I recommend "Number Challenges 9-12 & "Algebra Logic" puzzles 41-44)

Mr. Keyser's Equation Jeopardy

XD Detective (Solve Algebra problems in a fun way, while being a detective searching for clues!)

ThatQuiz.Org (A great website to "quiz" or practice concepts we've learned in class. It can also be used to test fluency in math and how quickly and well students know their math facts!)

Math Millionaire/Jeopardy and more! (I recommend checking out "Math Millionaire", "Math Jeopardy", and "Math Basketball"! So many things you can do!)

Practice Order of Operations! (A great tool to learn and practice the order of operations concepts!)

PEMDAS Blaster (A fun way to practice order of operations!)

Homework AssignmentsPencil

Week of: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
3-24 through 3-28

11-1 Geometry

Smartboard Activity

11-1 Geometry


11-2 Angles 


11-3 Angle Pairs


QR Code activity

Math Scavenger Hunt

3-31 through 4-3

Mac Airs

Think Through Math goal due

- 8 Lessons passed for March

 11-4 Triangles


11-5 Quadrilaterals


 11-6 Circles

textbook pg. 282

#s 1-16

Math Properties Bingo