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Frequently Asked Questions:


How is a student referred for counseling services?

A parent/guardian or staff member may refer a student for counseling services. Students may also self refer.  Referral forms are located outside my office.  Parents will be notified before a student participates in any type of on-going counseling.

How do I refer my student?

You can e-mail me, call me, or leave a note in my box. Please be sure to include your name, phone number, your student's name, his/her teacher, and your concern.

How do you determine the guidance lesson topics at each grade level?

I am a part of the Specials rotation on Mondays, and see each classroom about once per month.  Topics were decided in a collaborative manner, insuring alignment with ASCA standards and developmental levels. Please feel free to contact me if your have any questions about the curriculum and/or content. Students learn best when strategies are also reinforced at home.

What are the benefits of a comprehensive school counseling program?


  • Guarantees equitable access of counseling services to all students
  • Ensures equitable access to educational opportunities
  • Monitors data to facilitate student improvement
  • Promotes a challenging academic curriculum for every student
  • Promotes a commitment to learning
  • Provides strategies for closing the gap in achievement
  • Promotes a developmentally and multi-culturally appropriate approach to sequencing of counseling activities
  • Fosters advocacy for all students
  • Promotes peer facilitation skills
  • Supports development of skills to increase student success
  • Provides parents with training, information, support and resources for their child's personal/social, academic and career development
  • Establishes a system for students to create and implement long range personal, academic and career planning
  • Increases opportunities for parents and School Counselors to become partners in the student's success
  • Invites parents to have access to school and community resources
  • Provides parents with data for continuous information on student's progress
(Much of this text is quoted, or modified, from the American School Counseling Association (2004). ASCA National Standards for Students. Alexandria, VA: Author)

Do you offer individual counseling?

I am happy to occasionally check-in with any child or have them in a group counseling session.  The ASCA National Model is a program, not a service, intended to reach all students at the prevention level. Long term, in depth counseling benefits students and their families most when it is received outside of the school setting.