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Online Classroom Library

August 28, 2014


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Online Classroom Library

Book 2


Welcome students to our digital library. Click on the links below to find classroom resources and other learning resources.  Edify yourselves and be awesome!

Most Dangerous Game (Text) 

Most Dangerous Game (Audio) 

Most Dangerous Game (Video) 

Kid President Pep Talk (The power of allusions) 

MLA Owl Online Guide 

Tone and Mood

To This Day 

Student Handbook

12 Most Powerful Words (slow jam)

12 Most Powerful Words (schooltube) 

The Lottery (text)

The Lottery (audio) 

The Lottery (film)

The Interlopers (text)

The Interlopers (audio) 

The Interlopers (film) 

Harrison Bergeron (text) 

Harrison Bergeron (audio) 

2081 (Harrison Bergeron movie) 

Animal Farm Chapter 1 

Animal Farm Trailer 

Animal Farm The Russian Revolution 1/5

Stalin Biography

Anastasia 1956

Anastasia 1998