Melissa Lau's Polar TREC Adventure

Melissa Lau's Polar TREC Adventure

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Melissa Lau, Piedmont Intermediate 6th grade Science teacher, is embarking on an adventure! After completing an extensive application and interview process, she has been selected for Polar TREC-- Teachers and Researchers Exploring & Collaborating. As part of a National Science Foundation Grant, teachers become researchers, right along-side other scientists.

Mrs. Lau and her team of scientists will be stationed on the northern slope at the Toolik Research Station, and in Barrow, Alaska. They will be studying climate change and it's effect on plants; and how that, in turn, affects the ecosystem. Mrs. Lau's Oklahoma address brings another plus to the research situation. She and her fellow scientists will be able to make connections between climate change in the Tundra and the changes happening right here, over 3,000 miles away from the research station.

While her students are enjoying summer camps and swimming, Mrs. Lau will be bundling up for high temperatures in the 30s and 40s. It's all worth it to this teacher/ scientist-- she can't wait to bring the experience back to her students. You can follow Mrs. Lau's Polar TREC expedition on her journal page at and on Facebook at "Mrs. Lau's Alaskan Adventure".

Be sure to watch Mrs. Lau's recent interviews on KOCO Channel 5 and KWTV Channel 9!

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