DeLong Earns NBCT Credentials

DeLong Earns NBCT Credentials

Angela DeLong, fifth grade Social Studies teacher, at Piedmont Intermediate recently completed the process and assessments to earn her National Board Certified Teacher credentials! The National Board Certification program was designed to develop, retain and recognize accomplished teachers and to generate ongoing improvement in schools nationwide. It is the most respected professional certification available in K-12 education. Candidates must complete four components: Content Knowledge, Differentiation in Instruction, Teaching Practice & Learning Environment and Effective & Reflective Practitioner.

For Mrs. DeLong, a goal-centered teacher who is always wanting to improve, seeking NBCT status was a sensible path to take. Each component required her to stop and think about her instructional strategy, the methods she would employ and the research behind her choices. When asked about the personal benefits of being a National Board Certified Teacher, she says, "the NBCT process connects you to educators across the state, it connects you to state legislators, and most importantly, it forces you to constantly reflect on your teaching practice. You become distinctly aware of the what and the why of best practice."

Piedmont Schools is proud to have eleven current or past National Board Certified Teachers in our classrooms--

Cheryl Bargman*, PHS

Amy Bixler, NWE

Kathy Davis, PHS

Angela DeLong, PI

Shannon Elliott, SRE

Cindy Lacefield, PS

Adrienne Morgan, SRE

Julie Rother*, NWE

Chris Ulmer*, PHS

Kayleen Wichert*, PI

Judith Wilkerson*, PES

*previously certified

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