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D.U.C.K. Week

STEP RIGHT UP! DUCK WEEK 2022 is March 7-11


This special Piedmont tradition is an annual charity week led by PHS students to raise funds for people from the our community with significant medical needs. D.U.C.K. stands for Doing Unselfish Charities for Kids!
Events are held at school and throughout the community to benefit the student-selected recipients. Each Piedmont school site has different activities for your student to get involved. Make sure to read your weekly emails from your school site or follow DUCK Week on Facebook & Instagram.
Meet our 2022 Duck Week Recipients, Michele Jobe & Justin Roberts in white text over a Ferris Wheel with blue sky.

In October 2021, Michele Jobe was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. Throughout her life, she has fought cancer three other times. Her most recent diagnosis will require her to be on chemotherapy for the rest of her life unless a cure is found. Michele has chemotherapy IV treatments every 21 days, and the side effects of those treatments have taken a terrible toll on her body. The fight for her life each day is not easy.

Justin Roberts is a former PPS teacher and was diagnosed with colon cancer in July 2021. Immediately following his diagnosis, Justin began Proton Radiation Therapy combined with chemotherapy. Due to the size and location of the tumor, the mass of the tumor had to be reduced before being surgically removed. The surgery was scheduled for December 7, 2021, followed by a five-night recovery period in the hospital. Biopsy results continued to show live cancer cells in the tumor, so during the 2nd week of January, he was strong enough to begin the next round. As of February 12th, Justin is in his 6th week of a six-month chemo regimen. However, it has triggered a significant amount of neuropathy as a side-effect, which may extend the amount of time and chemo he receives. Once he completes this round, he will have a six-week recovery period, followed by a reversal surgery. Doctors are hopeful this brings an end to treatments and allows Justin to return to life. Doctors project full remission with a low chance of recurrence!