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Board of Education

The Piedmont Public Schools Board of Education is responsible for establishing the policies under which the school district operates. The Board must act within the context of state and federal laws and still be aware of the unique needs of Piedmont.

The Superintendent of Schools is the Chief Executive Officer for the Board and is responsible for administering Board policies and District regulations.

The Piedmont Board of Education strives to encourage an atmosphere of communication and understanding among students, teachers, parents, and administrators. If you would like to contact any individual board member by email, click their name under their photo.

Regular Board of Education meetings are held the second Monday of every month (unless otherwise noted) beginning at 6 p.m. in the library at Piedmont Intermediate School, 977 Washington Ave., Piedmont, OK. Agendas for each meeting are posted on this website under "Meeting Schedule & Agendas" and the administration office at least 24 hours in advance of each meeting, excluding weekends and holidays.

Board Meeting Livestream

Board of Education Meeting Schedule & Agendas



Meet our Board Members

Mr. Layne Jones
Ward 1


Mr. Steven Cox
Ward 4
Vice President
Mr. Greg Duffy, Ward 3
Mr. Greg Duffy
Ward 3
Mrs. Katie Cornman, Board Ward 2
Mrs. Katie Cornman
Ward 2
Deputy Clerk


Man standing and smiling in front of a wall with silver letters
Mr. Derek Jones
Ward 5

More Information

Past Board Meeting Agendas

Board of Education Agenda Archive