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Section 1 Introduction
Section 2

Board of Education

  Student Transfers Policy
  Prohibition on Race and Sex Discrimination in Curriculum and Instruction (Adopted August 9, 2021)
  Graduation Requirements (Adopted February 14, 2022)
  Valedictorian Selection (Adopted February 14, 2022)
  Save Women's Sports Act (Adopted August 8, 2022
  Media Center - Selection of Library Books (Adopted August 8, 2022)
  Dyslexia/Dysgraphia Awareness Program (Adopted August 8, 2022)
  Use of Multiple Occupancy Restrooms and Changing Areas (Adopted August 8, 2022)
  Resource Information on Student Identification Cards (Adopted August 8, 2022) 
  Internet and Technology Safety (Adopted September 9, 2022)
  Student Mental Health Crisis Protocol (Adopted September 9, 2022)
  Mental Health Accommodations (Adopted September 9, 2022)
Section B  School Board Operations
 BAAB Nepotism
 BEC Executive Sessions
 BED-R BOE Meetings- Public Participation
Section C    Business & Support Services
 CBB Policy Forbidding the supplanting of Federal Funds and Grant Monies for Local Revenue
 CBBA Grant Policies and Procedures
 CBBB Internal Controls
 CDA Management and Investment of Funds
 CE Annual Budget
 CFB Activity Funds
 CFBA PPS Application for Sanctioning
 CFBB Sanctioning of Parent Organizations & Booster Clubs
 CFC Auditor
 CFEA Salary Deductions
 CHA Purchasing & Distribution
 CHC Bids & Quotations
 CI Disposal of Surplus School Property
 CK Safety Program
 CKAE-R Drugs, Alcohol, & Contraband Searches
 CKC Safety Drills
 CL Buildings, Equipment, Grounds
 CLB Equipment Accountability
 CN-P School Transportation School Bus Idling Policy
 CO Child Nutrition & Phys Fitness Program
 CO-R2  Food Allergy Guidelines (Regulation)
 COB Procurement
 COB-R Procurement (Regulation)
 COCA Child Nutrition Meal Charge Policy
 CR Insurance Management
 CVFA Fair Labor Standards Act
 CVFA-P Fair Labor Standard Act Procedures
 CVFA-R Fair Labor Standards Act (Regulation)
 Section D    Personnel
 DA Sexual Harassment
 DAA Nondiscrimination
 DAAC Federal Programs Complaint Resolutions
 DAAC-E Investigation Report on the Administration of Federal Program Activities
 DAA-P Discrimination Complaints Procedures
 DABB Records Investigation, Consent OSDE App. for Criminal History Record Search Felony Records Search Procedures
 DA-E Sexual Harassment Report Form
 DB Teachers Duties & Responsibilities
 DBA Teacher Assistants
 DBAA Title 1 Paraprofessional
 DBCA Standards of Performance & Conduct for Teachers
 DBD Conflicts of Interest
 DCC Drug Free Work Place
 DCC-R Work Place Drug & Alcohol Testing
 DDC Employee Resignations, Retirements, and Reference Requests
 DEE Expense Reimbursements
 DEEC Student Activities Expense Reimbursement
 DEE-R Travel & Expenses
 DEFA Leave Sharing Plan
 DEFA-R2 Leave Sharing Bank
 DE-R1 Salary Schedules
 DE-R7 Direct Deposit
 DIAA Staff Safety Assaults
 DIAF Hygiene and Sanitation
 DIAF-R Hygiene and Sanitation
 DMB Professional Growth and Development
 DNA Teacher Evaluation
 DNAA Evaluation of Administrative Personnel
 DNB Personnel Files Certified Staff
 DO Termination of Employment Teachers
 DO-R Teacher Termination Procedures
 DOAC Support Personnel Suspension, Demotion, Nonrenewal, or Termination
 DOB Due Process for Administrators
 DOCA Reduction-In-Force Certified Personnel
 DOCB Reduction-In-Force Support Personnel
 DPA Qualifications Teachers
 DPAHB Volunteer Coach Hiring Guidelines
Section E    Instruction
 EBA School Hours
 EFA  School Library Media Center
 EFAA Textbook Selection Policy
 EFBCA Internet and Other Computer Networks Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy
 EFBCA-E Internet Access Conduct Agreement
 EFBCA-R1 Code of Conduct for Internet and Other Computer Network Access
 EFBCC Web Pages
 EFBCC-R Web Site Guidelines
 EFEA Using Copyrighted Material
 EGAA Curriculum Development
 EHA Basic Instruction Program
 EHAK Physical Education
 EHBB Gifted Child Education Program
 EHAC Virtual, Hybrid, and Distance Learning
 EHBC Special Education
 EHBCA Extended School Year Services
 EHBC-P1 Special Education Compliant Procedures
 EHBDB Title 1 Parent Involvement
 EHBDBA Parent Engagement
 EHBE Limited English Proficiency Instruction
 EHBH Alternative Education
 EHDD Concurrent Enrollment Student
 EHDD-R Concurrent Enrollment Student
 EHDF Online Instruction
 EIA Promotion and Retention
 EIAE-P Proficiency Based Program Testing Procedures
 EIA-R4 Student Promotion/Retention (Regulation)
 EIA-R5 Midyear Promotion Fourth Grade
 EIC-R2 Valedictorian and Salutatorian Selection
 EIED Graduation Requirements
 EIEDC Early Graduation
 EIEDD Graduation of Foreign Exchange Students
 EIF Student Classification
 EIF-R Student Classification
 EJ School Counselor
 EK Testing Program
 EK-R1 Testing Program Student Surveys
 EMG Usage of Service Animals
Section F    Students
 FB Sexual Harassment of Students
 FD Student Residency
 FDAH Education of Migratory Children
 FD-P Student Residency Dispute Procedures
 FDC-R1 Attendance
FDC-R2 Attendance (PK-4)
 FE Open Transfer Policy Transfers and Assignments
 FE-R Open Transfer Policy Out of District Teacher/Student Transfer Procedures
 FFA Health Students
 FFAB Immunizations Students
 FFACA Medication: Administrating to Students
 FFACA-E2 Authorization to Administer Medicine
 FFACA-E5 Authorization for Designated Employee to Administer Medications at School
 FFACA-R Medications given at School
 FFACC Diabetes Medical Management Plan
 FFACD Medical Marijuana
 FFAEA Concussions and Head Injury Policy for Student Athletes
 FFAEA-E Piedmont Athletic Department Concussion and Head Injury Acknowledgement
 FFA-R Head Lice
 FFFD Vehicle Use and Parking Students
 FFFD-R Student Automobile Use
 FFG Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and/or Neglect
 FFGA Custodial and Noncustodial Parent Rights
 FFGB Guidelines for Outside Agency Representatives Interviewing Children at the School
 FFG-E Suspected Child Abuse Report Form
 FJ Fund Raising by In -School Organization
 FL Student Records
 FLE Transfer and Release of Confidential Information
 FLF Information Coordinator
 FL-R Compliance with Family Education Rights and Privacy Acts of 1974 (Regulation)
 FM Student Activities Scholastic Eligibility
 FMA Extra Curricular Activities
 FMC Student Clubs and Organization Sponsors
 FMCAA Gang Activity
 FMCAA-R Gang Activity
 FMEA Students Distribution of Publications and Circulation of Petitions
 FM-R Student Activities Eligibility
 FNCC Hazing
 FNCD Bullying/Harassment
 FNCE Reporting Students Under the Influence of/or Possessing Alcoholic Beverages or Controlled Dangerous Substances
 FNCFD Activity Student Drug Testing Policy
 FNCG Weapons
 FNCGA Weapons-Free Schools
 FNF Search of Students
 FNF-R Search of Students
 FNG Wireless Telecommunication Devices
 FO Student Discipline
 FOD Suspension of Students
 FODD Student Discipline Out of School Activities
 FOD-R Student Suspensions Procedures
 FP Student: Fees, Fines, and Charges
Section G    Community Relations
 GBA Open Records Act
 GIA Distribution of Materials
 GJ School Visitors
 GJBA Student Recruitment Access to Students and Directory Information
 GJ-P School Visitors
 GK Piedmont Facility Usage Guide


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