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According to the School District Transparency Act (Statute Reference: 70 O.S. § 5-135.4), the State Department of Education shall make school district and school site expenditure data available on its website. Data shall be made available in an open-structured data format that may be downloaded by the public and that allows the user to systematically sort, search, and access all data without any fee or charge for access.

Prior to the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, if a school district has a website, the district shall provide a link on its home page to the State Department of Education's Oklahoma Cost Accounting System and School District Financial Information website, or the district shall provide the information required by subsection C of this section within one click of the home page of the school district's website.

School District Financial Information

Piedmont School District NO. I-022 Financial Audit Report



Meet our Finance Team

Jennifer Fuller

Chief Financial Officer

Lara Scott

Encumbrance Clerk