PPS Safe Schools Initiative

PPS Safe Schools Initiative
Posted on 10/29/2018

Piedmont Public Schools is committed to providing a safe, secure,
and positive learning environment for our students. Research proves
that students who feel safe, learn and achieve more.

The Office of Homeland Security visited all school sites in May of this
year and recently delivered a comprehensive assessment of risk and
vulnerability. The district-wide Safe Schools Committee is comprised
of parents with emergency management backgrounds,
administrators, students and teachers. This committee is in the
process of studying the findings and making recommendations to
provide facility upgrades and enhancements, improve procedures
and follow best practices at all of our campuses.

You may have noticed some of the safety enhancements already put
into place:

Emergency Plans and Drills
All school sites have written emergency plans to address crisis situations.
These plans include, but are not limited to fire, tornado, lockdown and
intruder events. Planned and unplanned drills are practiced regularly.

Visible Identification
All staff members are required to wear current-year employee identification
badges. As an added measure of security at our high school campus, all
students must wear their school-issued photo ID.

Secure Entrances
All visitors must enter each building through the main entrance. All other
exterior doors are locked during the school day. Buzzer systems have been
added to school entrances. We appreciate your patience as you identify
yourself and wait to be buzzed in.

Security Personnel
Piedmont Police Department School Resource Officer
Piedmont Schools partners with the City of Piedmont to employ a school
resource officer. Officer Neumann patrols school campuses, assists with
traffic control and addresses parking lot issues.

Omega Security
The district contracts with Omega Security to provide armed security guards
at school sites and school events. These individuals patrol school grounds,
assist with school traffic and pedestrian crossings, and supervise school

Canadian County Sheriff's Department
The district has a long-standing relationship with the Canadian County
Sheriff's Department to provide enhanced security and assistance with
truancy concerns. The presence of Canadian County deputies will continue to
increase through the coming months.

Safe Dismissal
The Primary and all elementary schools use Safe Dismissal software for
student dismissals. The software provides an organized method for making
sure each student arrives at the proper pick-up location and is picked up by
an individual on his/her approved pick-up list.

New Protocols Required by SB 1150
Schools across the state are updating procedures in regards to verbal
threats, threatening behaviors, and the reporting of possible child abuse and
neglect. Any verbal threat or threatening behavior which may have the
potential to endanger self, students, school personnel, or school
property, must be reported to law enforcement officials. The threat may be
made by anyone-- student, parent, employee, patron, or anonymous
individual. SB 1150 also requires notification of law enforcement when
making a report to DHS.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and support as we implement new
safety measures.
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