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What is a school bond and what is required for passage?
A school bond is used by school districts to fund capital improvement projects, provide instructional materials, and improve transportation needs. These measures are placed on election ballots by school boards to be considered by the voting public. School bonds require a super-majority vote of 60 percent to pass. 
What was included in the 2020 bond proposal?
Key components of this bond opportunity include extensive renovations and additions to the Middle School of Piedmont, a new Athletic Center to house a high school sports arena, and equipment and instruments for the Piedmont Band program. The total cost is $35.7 million.
The last known renovation at the middle school was in 1994. Our student population has increased significantly, up 77 percent in the past ten years, and modern times call for increased safety measures for our students and staff. The proposed renovations at the middle school include a FEMA certified safe area, a new entrance with secured vestibule, the connection of both middle school buildings, additional classrooms, a new media center, cafeteria, gym, band room, and offices. 
The new athletic center will allow for a gathering space that is large enough for our high school student population. It will seat approximately 1,900 people. This gymnasium will also allow the wrestling program to host tournaments, the band program to have an improved space for concerts, and more. The new space will improve opportunities for our students and provide modern amenities expected of a growing 5A school district.
Why did Piedmont Schools propose a new bond (2020) when the projects from the last bond (2016) are not completed yet? When will the 2016 bond projects be completed?
Due to the magnitude of the projects included in the 2016 bond, Piedmont Schools divided them into several packages to properly manage the finances, as well as the construction. This has allowed the district to dedicate the necessary time and attention to each project to ensure the many details and decisions are both appropriate and accurate.
Many of the projects have been completed including the construction of the new Early Childhood Center, Northwood Elementary’s new classrooms that double as FEMA safe rooms, the indoor practice facility, installation of turf on the football field, and a new track. Additionally, the district has purchased 12 new buses, 42 new HVAC units, and new band uniforms.
Piedmont Elementary construction was finalized in the summer of 2020, while projects at Piedmont High School were completed in the fall of 2020.  The final project listed in the 2016 proposal, our new baseball and softball complex, was started the summer of 2020 with a construction timeline of 11 to 12 months.
Please review the Piedmont Public Schools 2019-2020 District Analysis and Planning document if you would like to gain a better understanding of the objectives of the district for upcoming years.
Who benefits from the bond proposal?
An investment in our schools and students benefits everyone! 
Can school bond funds be used to improve teacher salaries?
No, school bond funds can only pay to construct or renovate school facilities, equip school buildings with furniture or fixtures, acquire property utilized for instructional materials, and/or transportation needs.
Can school bond funds be used to repair or replace city roads?
No, as explained in the previous question, school bond funds can only pay to construct or renovate school facilities, equip school buildings with furniture or fixtures, acquire property utilized for instructional materials, and/or transportation needs.
If you have questions regarding road conditions in Piedmont, please contact the City of Piedmont.
Who can vote for a Piedmont Schools bond proposal?
Anyone who lives within our school district boundary lines and is registered to vote using their current Piedmont school district address can exercise their right to vote in this bond election.

Where is my polling location? Find detailed information about your specific polling location, an example ballot and more here:
What if I do not have a Piedmont address?
Our district encompasses much more area than just the city limits of Piedmont. We serve families in three different counties, including Canadian, Oklahoma, and Kingfisher. If your current address is within our school district boundary lines and you are registered to vote, you may vote in this election. 
More information about polling places, registration and absentee voting can be found on the Canadian County Election Board website