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Piedmont Learning Center

We provide exceptional childcare with the convenience educators need.


Finding quality childcare at an affordable price is difficult! That’s why Piedmont Public Schools established the Piedmont Learning Center, a competitively-priced, fully licensed childcare center exclusive to Piedmont Schools faculty and staff. It’s convenient location and hours tailored to PPS school schedules make it perfect for you and your family.


Payments will be collected for only the weeks we are in school, but will be divided out among all pay periods.  For example, we have 37 weeks of school, $180 for each of the 37 weeks equals $6,660. Therefore, $555 would be deducted from each monthly paycheck.  Should a change need to be made, an adjustment will be processed and the changed deduction amount applied to the remaining pay periods. Prices are per child.
Birth - 1 Year:  $200/week
1 Year & Older:  $180/week
A group of Piedmont Learning Center students in a circle playing and laughing together.


The number 1 in a circle

Contact Mrs. Karri Bigelow for the Piedmont Learning Center registration form.

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Submit your completed form and $50 registration fee to Karri Bigelow, Director at the Piedmont Learning Center.

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A Piedmont Learning Center employee will contact you regarding acceptance at PLC once your paperwork is processed.