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Powerschool Access

We can provide access to your Piedmont student's current schedule, grades, and attendance through Powerschool.

If your student is NEW to PPS or does not have the information they need to access their Powerschool information, please follow these simple steps:
1. Contact the Powerschool Administrator for your student's school site. You must provide their name and date of birth.

2. Once the administrator receives your information, they will issue you a confidential ID and password. 

3. Visit the PowerSchool Parent Portal to login using this information to access your student's information. 

Piedmont School Site Powerschool Administrators:
 Northwood Elementary School Claire Mondt
 Piedmont Elementary School Kelly Inscore
 Stone Ridge Elementary School     Ginger McDonald
 Piedmont Intermediate Laura Larimer
 Middle School of Piedmont Danece Smith
 Piedmont High School Julie Girard